Our full range of solutions…

Computer issues

  • Running really slow
  • Constant errors popping up
  • Strange and weird things happening when you browse the internet
  • Freezing up when you’re in the middle of something
  • Having trouble setting up your email or not working at all

Let us take care of all these issues and make your computer happy again.


Let us give your current computer a new lease on life with some simple upgrades.
Why throw away a perfectly good machine and waste money on something new when we can simply update a few components for half the price?


We also offer a preventative cleaning/maintenance service for customers so we can keep those computers working at their best and prevent any problems from arising.
This includes a thorough check, diagnose and clean including backups, anti-virus, disk check, overall hardware check.

Home/Office Setups

  • Networking computers, printers and other devices
  • Connecting modems/routers
  • WiFi setups and cabled setups
  • Setting up backups – local, networked or to the cloud
  • Setting up NAS (Network Area Storage) devices for sharing files in the office

Advice and Tutoring

Computer Tutoring and advice on how to stay safe when using the internet is also available as well as purchasing recommendations.

*No Fix – No Charge

We always do our best to fix any issue you might have but in some rare cases there is the possibility that its out of our control to be able to fix it.  In this case we can usually let you know in the first 30min and therefore not charge you anything for this.

If however we recommend an upgrade to your system and you have chosen not to go ahead with that we still need to charge for the time spent on diagnosing the issue.